Editorial Services

If you need to explain certain technical features of the product/service to customers, you (most probably) use a lot of specific terms – this is the style of writing your customers would expect you to use.

When writing an ad for a local newspaper you would use short, eye-catching phrases, e.g. slogans; words you choose must intrigue prospective customers and leave them wanting to know more.

But if you want to intrigue the customer, explain the features and SELL the product at the same time…it gets complicated.

Just think for a minute: how often have you laughed (out loud) while reading app descriptions in the App Store? How many times you had to read the description twice or more, just to understand the basics? How many of such apps you have actually bought/downloaded?

When someone clicks on a headline/logo of your app, that person is interested enough to consider eventually buying it, and he is making that decision within seconds. Those few seconds is enough time to skip through the presentation, read some/all of it, and answer the question – to buy or not to buy. Those few seconds is also the only time you have to “close the deal” – you should be able to impress the person enough so that he/she clicks on “Buy it” button.

App Agency team has plenty of experience in writing app presentations that are intriguing, explanatory and SELLING. We know what common pitfalls are and we can help you avoid them. Furthermore, we can boost your app sales through other channels, if needed.

We can help you with:

  • Presentations that distinguish your app from competition and SELL it in App Store (available both in German and/or English);
  • Proofreading your Language File;
  • Writing short texts for websites and Social Media sites;
  • Writing press releases about your app to be used both in print and online, e.g. in blogs, specialized magazines, newsletters and similar media;
  • Creating various promotional material, such as brochures, ads or banners;
  • Writing and advising on business plans for app development and marketing (including cost control and performance analysis).

Please don’t hesitate to contact us – App Agency team is looking forward to working with you!