Apps in English are not convenient for Germans: nearby 50 % will not understand a word

When publishing your App for iPhone, iPod Touch and/or iPad in Germany, make sure both App description AND content is available in German language. This is one of the major prerequisites for success in the market.

Let us explain this.

There are hundreds of Apps published in German App-store every day – some of them extremely cutting edge, interesting and useful. Despite that, most users rely on App ratings, and ratings are left by previous users. For example, a user downloads an app, having a basic understanding what it does. But when it comes to reading instructions of use, his English is not good enough to fully understand them – this normally leads to “trial and error” approach, sometimes followed by anger (mostly in cases user is unsuccessful). Of course, often this leads to negative feedback/comments – these are visible to users prior to download. We have seen plenty of Apps given bad rating just because particular functions “do not work as they should”, followed by “uninstall”.

Most app-developers should be very familiar with the situation described above. This is a common problem nowadays; needless to say, with Apps getting more and more complex, above points are not to be missed.

Keep in mind – it is proven that around 50% of people in Germany and Austria still can’t understand any English. Any.

As a possible solution of this language problem, some developers use Google Translate for their presentations in German App Store. Yes, it is better than nothing, but surely not sufficient. It is extremely easy to make simple mistakes in e.g. word order which sound somewhat funny to native speakers. This is reflected in comments, and do not help with app success.

Just imagine… up to 50 percent more users understand your app presentation and features. They would be giving much better reviews and be willing to pay for your App – your sales revenue increases with every purchase. That is the core of any business, isn’t it?

App Agency offers a complete package to adapt your App for Germany and other German speaking markets. We narrate new texts for presentations and change the language file of your App accordingly. Every text is written by journalists to effectively convey the message to native speakers; we never rely on interpreters for writing texts that actually SELL the product.

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