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So, you have decided to create an app and take your business to the mobile universe…

If it is your first attempt, then let us congratulate you on making this important step. With ever increasing number of people using their mobiles for everything from interacting on social networking sites to ordering their groceries, you have the chance to increase your customer numbers dramatically.

If you’ve had certain experience in app developing/publishing, you probably already know how hard it is to get the attention of the almighty Customer. A slight chance remains that your app would be a superb success story and go viral like some funny video on Youtube, but experience shows much more effort is required to achieve target download rate. Even if your product is best in its field ever created, making an app known in e.g. Apple App Store (with about 900,000 other apps already there) means no easy job even if your app is free, let alone the one to be paid for.

If you’re a professional publisher/developer, we believe you’ve seen many success stories and yet much more failures of different apps. We also believe you’ve noticed that with a proper marketing strategy apps can be promoted quickly and easily, avoiding common pitfalls and hurdles.

App Agency is there to help in all stages, from developing, promoting and advising on your very first app to extensive app marketing required by professional clients. Due to extensive international experience in the field we have developed certain procedures to make YOUR APP(s) much more successful, profitable and popular – to learn more, please click on the relevant link below:

–         I need help with editing my app – Editorial Services

–         I need advice – App Consulting

–         I need help creating an app – App Development

–         I need to promote my free/paid for app – App Marketing

–         I want my app to be successful in several countries – App International Services

–         I need to know my app is perfect – App Testing

–         I want to join forces with other companies when creating/promoting my app – App Sponsoring


Please don’t hesitate to contact us – App Agency team is looking forward to working with you!

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