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Our team has in-depth knowledge of various app markets – we have reviewed and promoted thousands of apps, therefore we are very familiar with requirements that apps are expected to meet in order to succeed in current marketplaces.

Although we are more marketing-specialists rather than developers focusing on technical side, our experience is most beneficial if we are involved in the process from the very beginning, i.e. App idea and development. In this way we can influence technical solutions used in your app so that they would best meet end user expectations.

Some examples of this service include discussing and altering the main menu/submenu items of the app, adding some additional functions that users would expect to find in similar apps and/or removing redundant functions, thus simplifying the app structure.

We believe that your customer’s opinions are most important, – we look at your App through the eyes of the USER, not the developer, and we want users to LOVE your app.

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