PR- and Marketing-Office for App Publishers in Germany – full service for your success in Germany

We here at App Agency are continuosly working on the offers we have for our international publishers.

One very interesting offer is that we represent you in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in Terms of Localization, Marketing, PR and even Customer Relations.

As you may have heard the German user is a special one. He expects high-quality even in a free app and if he should become a fan and is paying for something within the app, he expects even more perfectionism.

So the typical “all works fine” is most probably not enough for the German speaking markets.

And this is, where we can join in and help you in serving the users here to that extend they would expect.

Say no to:

  • Translations made with automatic translations-software – the results are most of the time ridiculuos and partly even not understandable
  • Lots of mistakes – that is not enough and it does not work fine.
  • Wasting money with inefficient marketing – upps, that didn’t work
  • Silence in the media – nobody knows your app – what can we do?
  • low download figures – how success works?
  • No support policy – I tried to get a simple question addressed but there was nobody…
  • Bad ratings – App deleted

Our services include:

  • Exclusive Marketing-Agency for Germany, Austria and Switzerland – we save money for you and select the marketing measures you need
  • Exclusive PR-Agency and German Spokesman (25 years experience in leading companies) – press coverage and professional contact
  • dedicated German Phone-Number for your users – you are in Germany, aren’t you?
  • Support for your users (t.b.d.) – building trust and satiesfied ambassadors
  • Complete Localization by Journalist for app, descriptions, announcements, newsletters and more – make your App feel German and gain more users with quality
  • German facebook Fanpage – give your users a home

That were just examples. Tell us what you need and we tailor our offer to your needs. With us you’ll have a reprentation in Germany, led by Markus Burgdorf, who is an App Expert with lots of interviews about apps in the media. He himself wrote more than 5,000 reviews on Apps, gave his advice to lots of app-publishers and founded our agency already in 2010.

Just tell us your needs and we will come back to you soon with our offer for you. First contact please via