App Localization

They say, McDonalds is McDonalds everywhere – same taste, same size, same service. Although we are not hereby expressing any positive/negative feelings about the brand, we believe the saying is true 😉

Unfortunately, this statement could not be farther from the truth when it comes to Apps. Preferences, likes and dislikes of App users tend to vary dramatically from country to country.

That is the reason why Apple wrote to their App-Publishers that Localization of Apps is crucial for the success of the App. Until now, Apple is not forcing anyone to have success – but it may come…

First and foremost, linguistic aspect must be carefully considered. This is especially true when it comes to words/phrases that are not included in any dictionary – e.g. slang words and common expressions with double meaning. Relying on ordinary translation of texts into another language bears a very high risk that your app is not taken seriously (best case scenario) or that the words used in your presentation carry a rude/offensive message.

User expectations with regards to app functions and even menu layout tend to differ in different countries, time of publishing matters as well. For example, did you know that the carnival season in Germany (also called the “Fifth Season”) officially begins on November 11th, at 11:11am?

App Agency team can help you adapt your apps for best performance in different markets. This includes solving possible linguistic riddles (see more in Editorial Services), fixing possible technical issues (see App Testing), localizing app promotion and marketing actions (see App Marketing), finding a sponsor for your app (see App Sponsoring) or providing advice and answers to the questions you might have (see App Consulting).

If you select us to present your app in German app market, in addition to the above we guarantee to bring it into German Top 10… (if you follow our advise).

Let us know about your requirements – contact us.

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