Who we are

App Agency Limited is a team of online/mobile marketing and social media professionals specifically focusing on app promotion.  Most of our services are non-dependent on location and available worldwide.

We are a true success story in German market: we can help any app to make it into German Top 10 – most of the times into Top 3 – within days. These are not just words – it is a fact, and also our promise.


You would ask, what’s the secret? Well, we combine specialist knowledge of the market together with reputation, strong background in journalism and of course, our LOVE for Apps.

We have initially started writing about/reviewing apps and publishing various blogs about them.  These blogs became a trusted source of independent opinion and their success was such that within one year (!) unique user numbers reached 1,000,000 per month.  Publishers were reporting a significant increase in downloads immediately after reviews were published; as a result, app position in download charts skyrocketed, which in turn made them even more popular.  Needless to say, we received a lot of attention and gained a significant market share, which we continue to grow.

Our services will guide you through all stages of the process: starting with the idea for your app, right through to publishing and promoting it (or making it into Top 10 in German market). App Agency can provide both an ‘end to end’ solution or assist with a specific part of app development/marketing process. We are able to create a unique strategy for development and marketing of your app, regardless of whether it is already built, but failing to attract attention OR if you’re just considering developing an app and need support to build/design it.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us – App Agency team is looking forward to working with you!



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