App-Sponsoring is a specific area of App-Marketing. As a result, high-class apps are named after major brands and distributed for free (most of the times, although price may be added). Such campaign can last for a defined or undefined time period.

Some brand owners/promoters are uncertain of their actions in strongly evolving app-market; this uncertainty is most frequently a result of fear to publish an app which turns to be not as successful as their brand requires.

The way to avoid this is to develop apps which would strengthen the image of the brand while entertaining the user at the same time. The strategy is built around the idea which would support the inner value of the brand itself and especially the perception of that brand in minds of customers. Only in combination of customer perceptions with brand management objectives it is possible to develop ideas for specific apps; it is also not enough to rely solely on information already available to customers, e.g. via brand website. In order for an app to be successful, users need some added value; this value might be derived from unexpected services encouraging target customer to open the app again and again.

In short, App-sponsoring is a perfect solution both for companies that have an excellent idea for an app, but not enough funds, AND companies wishing to promote their brands in the App and mobile market. Consolidating your efforts with a suitable sponsor benefits both sides of the deal – you have a successful app, simultaneously sponsor profits from new business coming though increased number of recipients of his mobile marketing message.

If you are interested in marking apps with your brand or you’re searching for companies to invest in your app-project, get in touch with us. We can connect both sides and make it happen.

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