New Game punished by Users because it is not localized for German-Language Markets

When you publish a new game, especially a game with a lot of text and where you want to sell IAP’s you should consider having it translated before you publish it in markets with different language.

We made a review on about Transport Empire the new game of Game Insight, pointing out, that the missing translation will be another thread to the average review rating. Now, some days later, you see, that the game got only three stars in average user rating  Рand that is caused mainly by the missing translation:

Language driven reviews in Germany
What are the users saying? “Nice game, but please, please translate it to German language.”

Actually the game got an average rating of three stars due to people not wanting to play a game in English language. That is already having an impact for that freshly published game.

We offer localization services and translations as well as representative office for customer service in Germany for the german speaking markets.

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